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19th Annual Fresh Voices Festival




            Mark Alburger            Ecclesiastes (or the preacher)           

            Josiah Catalan             Conscience of a Blackened World  (T. S. Eliot)

            Allan Crossman          Omaha & Surface Swimmer

            Kurt Erickson              Here, Bullet  (Brian Turner)

            Mark Alburger            "Fire" from The Bald Soprano  (Eugene Ionesco)

            Jimmy Kachulis           Lament for a Lost Child

            Helena Michelson       This Quilt of Life, a mini-opera

            Sheli Nan                      Selections from Last Stop Café, an oratorio for our time

            Zachary M. Watkins   Selections from No Exit  (Jean-Paul Sartre)

            Mark Alburger             Poems on Crane  (Stephen Crane)



            Sarah Benzinger                          Teressa Foss                        Mark Alburger

            Megan Cullen                               Heidi Moss                           Harriet March Page

            Meghan Dibble                            Wayne Wong

Pianists:  Allan Crossman, Martha Cooper, Megan Cullen



                                Saturday, November 23, 2019   8:00PM

                                Community Music Center

                                544 Capp Street, San Francisco, California

                                Tickets:  $25 Cabaret Seat, $20 General, $15 Seniors & Students


Sometimes a Scream is Better than a Thesis

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